Handicraft Art

Having witnessed a prosperous cultural legacy, the city of Rajkot is a major regional centre for the arts, with many spots and places dedicated to the section of performing arts inside the city. Silver craftsmen and goldsmiths hailing from the Soni community have, since long, worked on fascinating designs and intricate patterns of jewellery. These people have also been patronized in the past by royal families and currently by the affluent business communities in Rajkot. Hemu Gadhvi Natyagraha is one of the first non-profit regional theatres, and is rich with history and dedicated to the famous Gujarati Play.

Rajkot is also well known for its textile printing industry, and these textiles, embellished with colourful and artsy embroidery are the distinctive beacons of different communities who make and wear them. The most popular niche of people are the craftsmen who earlier catered to royalty, and now utilize their expertise in metal and wood carving to create small and ornamental articles. Following is a list of the different handicrafts of Rajkot :

Textile Traditions :

  • Embroidery
  • Block Printing
  • Metal Crafts
  • Silver Jewellery
  • Stone Finesse
  • Wooden Treasure
  • Wood with metal embossing