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Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
Collector Rajkot Shri Arun Mahesh Babu M.S., IASCollector & DMcollector-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector office, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-24739000281-2453621
RAC Sir Rajkot Shri K. B. Thakkar, GASResident Additional Collectoradd-collector-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector office, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-24763740281-2453621
No Image Kum. Avaniben A. HaranDistrict Supply Officerdso-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector office, Second Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot.0281-2476891
No Image Smt. P. V. GondaliyaDeputy Collector, Mid Day Meal SchemeCollector office, Second Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot.0281-2457402
N.R.Toprani Shri N. R. TopraniDistrict Planning Officerdpo-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector office, Third Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-2441276
No Image Smt. P. V. Gondaliya (I/C)Deputy Collector, Stamp Duty (Rajkot City and Rajkot Rural)M.S. Building, 7th Floor, 5th Block, Race course, Rajkot.0281-2457617
No Image Smt. P. V. Gondaliya (I/C)Deputy Collector (Land Acq. and R &R)Collector office, Rajkot
No Image Shri K.G. Chaudhari (I/C)Deputy District Election Officereo-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector Office, Second Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-2478959
No Image Shri I. G. JhalaMamlatdar, Protocolmam-protocol-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector Office, Ground Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-2447060-10
No Image Shri D. M. FantaniyaChitnis to Collectorchitnis-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inCollector Office, First Floor, Opp. Jam Tower, Rajkot0281-2447763

Prant Office

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
No Image Shri K.G. ChaudhariPrant Officer, Rajkot City-1po-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inDeputy Collector Rajkot City-1, Old collector office campus, Rajkot0281-24790420281-2453334
No Image Shri Sandeepkumar VarmaPrant Officer, Rajkot City-2sdm2-revenue-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inDeputy Collector Rajkot City-2 office, Old collector office campus, Rajkot0281-2450368
VSDesai Shri V.S.DesaiPrant officer, Rajkot Ruralsdm-rural-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inDeputy Collector Rajkot Rural office, Old collector office campus, Rajkot0281-24710910281-2471093
No Image Shri K. V. BatiPrant officer, Jasdanprant-rev-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inDeputy Collector office, Taluka Seva Sadan, Jasdan02821-2212320281-223232
No Image Shri A. D. JoshiPrant Officer, Gondalsdm-gond-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inTaluka Seva Sadan, 21-Station Plot, Gondal02825-22000802825-226608
No Image Shri Jayesh LikhiyaPrant Officer, Dhorajidycoll-dhor-raj[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inDeputy Collector & SDM Office, New Bhagvatsinhji High School Compound, Station Road, Dhoraji - 36041002824-22668102824-226682

Mamlatdar office

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
No Image Shri K. M. KathiriyaMamlatdar, Rajkot Ruralmam-rajkot[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inOld collector office compound, Rajkot0281-2479664
No Image Shri K. L. ChavdaMamlatdar, Rajkot Eastmam-revenue-rajeast[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inOld Collector office compound, Rajkot0281-2479654
No Image Ms. J. J. PatelMamlatdar, Rajkot Westmam-revenue-rajwest[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar Rajkot (West) office, Opp. Atmiya University, Kalavad Road, Rajkot
No Image Shri Maheshwari V RathodMamlatdar, Rajkot Southmam-raj-south[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar office, Rajkot South, Near PDM Commerce College, Gondal Road, Rajkot0281-23649910281-2364993
No Image Shri H. V. ChavdaMamlatdar, Gondal Citymam-gondalcity[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar office, Gondal City02825-220093
No Image Shri H. V. ChavdaMamlatdar, Gondal Ruralmam-gondal[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inTaluka seva sadan, 21-Station Plot, Rajkot02825-220093
No Image Shri D.A. GiniyaMamlatdar, Jetpur Ruralmam-jetpur[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar Office , Jetpur02823-22000102823-229551
No Image Shri K. M. AgheraMamlatdar, Jetpur Citymam-jetpur-city[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar Office , Jetpur City , Jetpur02823-220001
No Image Shri G.M. MahavadiyaMamlatdar, Upletamam-upleta[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar office, Upleta02826-22145802826-221373
kt Shri K.T. JolaparaMamlatdar, Dhorajimam-dhoraji[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]inMamlatdar office, Darbargadh, Dhoraji02824-22188702824-227487